Is an Online Marketplace as Effective as My Own Website?

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I was recently asked by the Domain UK to write a feature on a topic that would benefit small businesses who operate online.

At the time, I was offering support to several clients wanting to know how to gain more exposure for their online marketplaces, like Etsy, Folksy and Ebay. What many of them had in common was that they were spending a lot of time optimising their online stores, and were failing to give their websites the attention in deserved.

What did this mean for my clients?

If you sell goods through marketplaces and keep your store well optimised – great! Carry on. However, if you wish to develop a recognisable brand for your business, create maximum exposure, get found on search engine results pages, communicate with your audience and SELL MORE then you have to manage and maintain your own website.

So, head over to the full article to find out exactly why having your own online presence will help you gain:

  • Greater control: Control over reviews, complaints and capturing customer data
  • Increased revenue: By selling directly to customers and reducing commission fees
  • Brand exposure: Your site should include a personal bio and info about your products and services that people can buy into
  • Consumer trust: Build better trust with your own online presence
  • Greater exposure: By incorporating your social networks and a regularly updated blog you will increase your chances of being seen and driving more traffic to your site
  • Better control over SEO: Having your own site gives you ultimate control of your own SEO destiny – being able to manage keywords, meta descriptions, image alt tags much more.

So, if you sell products online then Is an Online Marketplace as Effective as My Own Website? is a must read. Feel free to leave any questions or comments on here and if you need any help with enhancing your own online presence, find out how I can help through a range of freelance marketing services, exclusively for small businesses.

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