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Beyond Driving provide professional driving courses to private, public and commercial companies. Off road courses include 4×4 training, winch operator, and quad bike training. They also provide on-road courses for commercial fleets. When they first acquired the business over 6 years, the existing website was generating a lot of new leads. However, after years of not updating the site, it was struggling from poor visibility and had stop generating enquiries. 

After careful assessment of the industry and its key players, we put together a 1 year strategy to improve the site and implement key SEO strategies to bring the site back to life.

01. Website Development

Our first task was to drastically update the existing website. Developed on wordpress, we created a bespoke website design featuring lots of images of training, with dedicated course pages. 

The course pages were built to allow potential customers to see the course prices, who they were aimed it, course length, and understand what was covered. It also featured a lot of dedicated CTA spaces to encourage people to make enquiries and get in touch.

Website redesign for a driver training provider by Yabber Marketing

02. SEO for business growth

SEO was a major priority for the our client. Much of their existing business was generated through their old website and so they really wanted to emulate this prior success. 

After a deep analysis of the site we were able to put together several key SEO strategies for business growth. We constructed a keyword strategy and rewrote the entire website content, building internal links as we redeveloped the site.  A technical SEO road map was also developed. This allowed to us systematically work through technical issues and measure results. 

To target location based searches, we built a dedicated section on the website. A locations page with an interactive map was created to show where in the UK courses are held, while individual location pages provided an overview of the training centre and what courses you can take. These featured images of past clients who have trained at that specific centre. 

Interactive Map to show the location of the different training centres

03. Content Creation

An important aspect of SEO for business growth is being able to target long-tail search terms. For this we developed a comprehensive content strategy and went to work. We created a number of in-depth articles and guides that were all reflective of current legislation. These were all long, detailed guides designed to help the user find answers to specific questions, or educate industries using off-road vehicles.  

Content creation written and designed by Yabber Marketing, SEO for business growth

04. Consultancy

To help our client take ownership of their own marketing we were eager to give them the necessary tools and knowledge. For this we gave them some hints, tips and tricks to improve their social media presence and help with posting. We also designed a quick customer review template that they could email to customers to continue getting vital customer reviews.

We set them up with an email marketing account and connected it to forms across their website to begin to build up an active mailing list.

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