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Our client is a manufacturer of leather components, supplying leather for shoes worn on Stickley Come Dancing. They identified an opportunity to diversify their offering and enlisted our help at Yabber Marketing to establish a new business. Their new venture would focus on manufacturing and supplying personalised workwear. From our client’s initial vision we crafted Brand Monkey Promo Clothing. Specialists in printed and embroidered workwear.

01. Branding

With Brand Monkey we were starting from scratch! We worked closely with our clients to really understand and conceptualise their vision. We comprehensively studied their competitors to give them ideas about what they could feasible offer as a business start-up, and how to differentiate them enough from their competitors. We pitched several potential names to them before they agreed on the name Brand Monkey which perfectly reflects their their core brand value of proficiency, fun and professionalism.

After settling on a name we developed several mood boards to help our clients decide on the ‘look and feel’ of their brand. 

We set about designing a logo that would reflect the fun but professional nature of the brand and presented several concepts. The brief included having a monkey in the logo steering more towards the ‘funky’ mood board. Here are the concepts that we presented to the client. 

02. Ecommerce Webiste Design

The first part of the project was to build a spreadsheet containing all of their ecommerce assets. Here we recorded information for each of the individual products, including product weight, materials, washing instructions, pricing, product categories, item cost and bulk order cost. This was then uploaded into the site ready for the website design. 

When building the bespoke website design, we always tried to stick with the core ‘must haves’ identified by the client. It must be easy to use, quick, responsive and always user friendly. 

Brand Monkey is super user friendly and easy to find products you're looking for.

03. Custom Development

Once we had the basic design in place, our next task was to think about the personalising process. We built a custom developed solution that allows the customer to upload their own logo or artwork, select application option (print or embroidery), and even select location (sleeve, back, left or right breast). 

The clever and most challenging part of the project was building an automated way of changing the cost of the products depending on the selections made by the user. The different variables were shipping, quantity, application method, size of artwork, and whether the customer was an existing or new customer.  We wanted to ensure that it was always easy for both the customer and client. 

Product personalisation on Brand Monkey, automatically adjusts the price depending on a number of factors.

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