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Charlton Networks are a highly acclaimed managed service provider offering IT consultancy and IT solutions to a wide range of businesses across the South West and the West Midlands. They specialise in developing the right support packages and IT solutions for their clients through custom service agreements and IT packages. 

01. SEO for Charlton Networks

Since 2020 we’ve been supporting Charlton Networks providing marketing consultancy and SEO services. Their main objective was to build a steady and continued stream of leads for the business. We began with an analysis of the website to measure how it was performing and built a long-term plan to achieve our goals. 

SEO for Charlton Networks

The existing website was in serious need of updating. Behind the scenes the core php was out-dated and it lacked speed and security. It was also suffering from a number of key technical SEO issues, such as broken links, missing h1 tags, uncached assets, and urls not resolving to the preferred domain. On top of this, the site was only ranking for the company name and a few irrelevant search terms. 

Over a few months we optimised the site taking into careful consideration the technical, on-page and off-page elements. Every page has been redesigned to improve the user experience, increase conversions and has been optimised to target much more lucrative and relevant search terms, packed with intent.

Additionally, we have ensured that all elements on the site are clickable to really drive and measure those conversions. These are also tracked and reported on within Google Analytics. 

02. Content Creation

In order to target long-tail search terms and add value, we developed a content strategy, and a number of blogs for the site. These focused on helping business users and IT managers with helpful guides, sharing industry updates and offering valuable resources. 

Content created for Charlton Networks to target long-tail search terms.

We also redeveloped, restructured and optimised all of their existing case studies to ensure that they offered value and increased dwell time on the site.

03. Web Development

We have improved the site in a number of ways. Not only have we re-written the site to improve readability, we’ve also enhanced the site’s design to increase engagement and capture leads. 

Product page redesign for Charlton Network
Strong Call to Actions have been added to the site to generate enquiries

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