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Kibworth Dog Grooming are a small, independent businesses offering dog grooming services. Ran from a dedicated at-home-parlour our client was in need of an online presence to attract customers. 

01. Web Design for a small business

As a small independent business, our client only required a simple, low-cost website. Built on WordPress we designed a bespoke website and built a fully-responsive, fun and engaging site to feature their location and services. 

As well as utilising our freelance copywriting service, we used a cute colour palate to segment the different services. 

We also included a gallery of happy ‘customers’ to help people get a feel for her work and the services offered.

The site features clickable elements making it easier for people to get in touch as well as a quick links to the contact page. 

Fully responsive web design for a small business, Kibworth Dog Groomers

02. Hosting and Support

We continue to work with the business to offer website hosting and support. Each month we back up the site and ensure that everything is optimised. We’re very careful to offer services within budget. 

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