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Kokoro Karate Dojo are a highly successful business, providing karate training, gradings, seminars and competitions. With over 5 different locations and hundreds of students across the Leicestershire area, they wanted a site that would reflect both their quality of teaching and its connection to ancient traditions.

Our client also wanted to improve their online visibility, organic rank and convert a higher number of its website visitors for sustained growth. 

01. Website Design for Karate Dojo

If you’ve read through our other latest work, you’ll know that we like to do a lot of competitor research for our clients. This helps us to ensure that we beat the local competition. Kokoro Karate Dojo (formally Kibworth Karate Dojo), wanted to move away from using Wix, switch over to a faster hosting provider and rebrand. They utilised our bespoke website design service.

We began by doing a bit of SEO. We researched search terms around ‘karate classes’, ‘dojos’ and ‘karate instruction’ and used some clever tactics to target local searches. This formed a good foundation for the structure and each of the pages across the karate website.

In terms of the website design, we had 3 main aims. Build a site that would reflect the long-standing history of Karate, be super easy to navigate and book a free trial, and be an exceptional resource for new and established students. With this in mind, we built a dedicated ‘Resources’ section where people could learn about the different belts and access YouTube videos which demonstrate the kata associated with that grade. It also includes karate books, a glossary of Japanese Terms and essential equipment, such as sparring mitts and gum shields. 

Karate resources on Kokoro Karate Dojo

02. Reflecting The tradition

We wanted the design to really reflect the Japanese Traditions. We therefore opted for a black, red and white colour scheme, which keeps it fresh, modern and instantly recognisable as a martial arts website. 

By incorporating a lot of interactive and motion effect elements we felt this would increase engagement, dwell time and reinforce the essence of karate movements. 

The site is fully responsive and even uses separate mobile design for tablets and mobile devices.  

Kokoro Karate Dojo website responsive in design

03. Hosting & Support

We provide Kokoro Karate Dojo with ongoing hosting and support. We take regular back ups and upgrade the site so that it remains fast, secure and fully optimised. Managing this on their behalf, ensures KKD have one less thing to worry about. 

04. SEO

As a local club, SEO is really important for our client. Without huge advertising budgets, attracting and converting organic traffic is a key and effective strategy. The website was built with SEO in mind. We took the time to optimise images, include compression and caching to improve speed and rewrote some of the copy to better target search terms for each page. We continue to work with KKD to ensure advise and implement SEO strategies as they continue to grow the business. 

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