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The British Grooms Association is a membership organisation, designed exclusively for those working with horses. They run a number of projects, incentives and vital services, like grooms insurance for its members. All of which are designed to support and champion the welfare of working and training grooms. 

01. SEO for the BGA

We’ve continued to support the BGA with their SEO and marketing campaigns which have had a significant impact on their overall visibility online. Initially we conducted a deep site optimisation project to help them increase their rank on search engines, increase organic traffic and increase membership uptake. 

After conducting a thorough web site health check we were able to identify the key areas that required improvement and prioritise site actions. We paid particular attention to more lucrative search terms that the site could rank for. We also evaluated their technical SEO and worked with their developers to ensure that crucial components were optimised. Over the last year we’ve hit key mile stones like increasing organic web traffic by 40%, getting the site ranking for over 350 search terms in positions 1-3 and increasing the click-through rate.

We continue to consult on Social Media strategies, Facebook Campaigns and website development. We have also been able to construct clever landing pages which have helped increase conversion of online campaigns. 

02. Advertising

As well as maintaining their Google Ads accounts we have also delivered a number of Meta campaigns. Although the BGA actively boost posts across the platform we recommended a carefully targeted campaign. We built a number of audiences based on their existing customers to make it easier for Meta to find and target potential new members. 

We also overhauled their Meta account to ensure that tracking and conversion tracking was working proficiently so that they could accurately measure their return on advertising spend. 

Meta campaign for the BGA
Meta campaign for the BGA

03. Conversions

Over the years, we’ve helped the British Grooms Association develop a number of key initiatives. Because the BGA offer a number of different membership levels, we devised a way to make it easier for new members to understand what level is right for them. We therefore recommended building a membership quiz. Web users could go through the quiz to get customised membership recommendations. This has really helped increase awareness and uptake of membership. 

Membership quiz for the BGA, Marketing Consultancy for the BGA

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